Recommended Readings

I recommend purchasing Body MRI by Evan Siegelman. This book is a simple textbook that explains technique and findings for Body MRI. Everything we do is covered in this book. Each chapter has loads of references you can read for more information. Your first time through the rotation you should read the chapters on the liver, kidney, and female pelvis. If you are a Fellow you should read this entire book during the year.

Please refer to the list of articles compiled by Dr. Pahade which are listed on the department website. The intranet login and password is required for access.

Below are the selected articles that I think are the most important and useful:

You can left click on a title to open the .pdf file or right click and Save Target As to download the article to your desktop.

Genetics and Imaging of Hepatocelluar Adenomas: 2011 Update Radiographics 2011; 31: 1529-1543

Diagnostic Challenges and Pitfalls in MR Imaging with Hepatocyte-specific Contrast Agents. Radiographcs 2011; 31:1547-1568.


MR Imaging of HCC in the Cirrhotic Liver.  Radiology 2006; 247 : 311-330.

Evaluating Renal Masses  Radiology 2005; 236 : 441 - 450

By our own Gary Israel. Only read the part about MRI.

Diffusely Enlarged Uterus  Radiographics 2003; 23: 1423-1439

Technically this article is about enlarged uterus but it discussed almost all types of uterine masses you will encounter

Ovarian Tumors  Radiographics 2002; 22 : 1305 - 1325

Best article for approaching the characterization of an ovarian mass. Unfortunately, does not discuss hemorrhagic cysts or endometriosis

Prostate Cancer: Multiparametric MR Imaging for Detection, Localization, and Staging  Radiology 2011; 261: 46-66.

Guide to prostate MRI

MR Imaging of Treated Prostate Cancer  Radiology 2012; 262.

Good read for when we are asked to look for tumor recurrence in a treated gland