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Obstructions and Surgical Anatomy  /  Appendicitis  /   Diverticulitis  /  Pancreatitis  /  Pyelonephritis  /  Cholecystitis  /  Renal Obstruction Ischemic Bowel   /  Chest Trauma  /  Abdominal Trauma / Small Bowel Pathology


Obstructions and surgical anatomy


Case 1:     Introduction to Small Bowel Obstruction.

Case 2:     Closed Loop Obstruction

Case jj:     Small bowel obstruction

Case gg:  Small bowel obstruction with closed loop.

Case 3:     Surgical anatomy -- Gastric Bypass with Afferent Loop Obstruction

Case 4:     Surgical anatomy -- Gastric Bypass with Efferent Loop Obstruction from Internal Hernia

Case 5:     Surgical anatomy -- Hepatico-jejunostomy with Afferent Loop Obstruction

Case 6:     Surgical anatomy -- End Ostomy with Large Bowel Obstruction





Case 7:    Introduction to Appendicitis

Case 8:    Appendicitis

Case 9:    Appendicitis

Case 10:  Appendicitis

Case 12:  Appendicitis - use of oral vs IV contrast.

Case 11:  Appendicitis with abscess

Case 13:  Appendicitis





Case 14:   Introduction to Diverticulitis

Case 15:   Diverticulitis

Case 16:   Diverticulitis with small abscess

Case 17:   Diverticulitis with small abscess

Case 18:   Diverticulitis with intramural abscess





Case 19:   Introduction to pancreatitis

Case 20:   Pancreatitis

Case 21:   Pancreatitis with necrosis

Case e:     Pancreatitis with multiple complications





Case 24:  Introduction to pyelonephritis

Case 25:  Pyelonephritis





Case x:    Introduction to cholecystitis

Case l:     Cholecystitis with ultrasound correlation

Case k:    Cholecystitis with HIDA correlation

Case v:    Cholecystitis

Case w:   Cholecystitis



Renal Obstruction


Case 22:  Renal obstruction with UVJ stone

Case 23:  Renal obstruction without IV contrast



Ischemic bowel


Case a:   Introduction to portal air and necrotic bowel

Case b:   Portal air and necrotic bowel

Case c:   Portal air

Case d:   Transient portal air and hepatic abscess

Case ii:  Ischemic bowel



Chest trauma


Case f:    Introduction to chest trauma

Case g:   Acute aortic injury

Case h:   Mediastinal hematoma from sternal fracture

Case j:    Acute aortic injury

Case i:    Aortic dissection

Case t:    Spectrum of aortic injury



Abdominal trauma


Case m:   Splenic hematoma and introduction to abdominal trauma

Case n:    Splenic and liver lacerations

Case o:    Liver laceration with biliary leak

Case p:    Blunt abdominal trauma causing pancreatitis

Case q:    Injury to pancreas, duodenum and kidney after blunt abdominal trauma

Case r:     Large hepatic contusions with active bleeding

Case s:    Active splenic bleeding and pseudoaneurysm

Case u:    Renal lacerations with active bleeding

Case z:     Stab wound to abdomen with active bleeding

Case y:     Injury to renal pelvis and introduction to urinary tract injury

Case aa:   Intraperitoneal bladder rupture and CT cystogram

Case bb:  Extraperitoneal bladder rupture

Case cc:   Mesenteric tear and introduction to bowel injury

Case dd:  Mesenteric tear and necrotic bowel

Case ee:   Mesenteric tear

Case ff :   IVC laceration

Case hh:  Retroperitoneal injury



Small Bowel Pathology


Case kk:   Crohns disease causing obstruction - introduction to small bowel thickening

Case ll:     Diffuse smal bowel wall thickening - Lupus

Case mm: Segmental bowel wall thickening from hemorrhage and anticoagulation

Case nn:   Small bowel thickening secondary to graft versus host disease